Forget server rack restrictions and overheads.

With a Virtual Private Rack you’ll never need to pay for unused capacity or worry about finding extra space to scale out. Unlike a physical rack, the Virtual Private Rack offers elastic capacity and redundant network connectivity between your servers, via a choice of dual 1Gbps or dual 10Gbps LAN and WAN connections.
Elastic Capacity
Never pay for unused racks or run out of space, thanks to unlimited capacity and per-server pricing.
Redundant Connectivity
Choose between dual 1Gbps and dual 10Gbps LAN and WAN connections for each server in your virtual private rack.
High Throughput
Use the high-throughput, redundant connectivity for server clusters, private clouds and other solutions.

High performance hosting and private cloud

The scalability, flexibility, redundancy, and fast data transfer of the Virtual Private Rack makes it a key component in solutions for complex applications, big data services, private clouds, virtualization, server clusters I/O intensive databases and more.

  • High throughput for I/O intensive systems
  • Performance networking for private cloud and clusters
  • Architecture and System Administration services available

Elastic capacity and pay-per-use pricing

Scale your solution out to hundreds of servers, without ever paying for unused rack space. Virtual Private Rack seamlessly connects hardware across distinct data center racks at a per-server price.

  • Unlimited rack spanning
  • No paying for unused rack space
  • Per-server pricing

Flexible rack space

House the latest server technology in your Virtual Private Rack. Add load balancers, firewalls and the other gear you need to build a high-performance, high-availability infrastructure.

  • Dell EqualLogic PS series hardware
  • Cisco and Juniper network and security hardware
  • Simple monthly hardware pricing

Redundant network connectivity

Dual 1Gbps or 10Gbps connections extend the underlying network and power redundancy in iWeb’s data centers to your hosting infrastructure. 10Gbps bandwidth is enough for even the most I/O intensive applications and systems.

  • Redundant LAN and WAN connections
  • Choose dual 1Gbps or dual 10Gbps for each server
  • State-of-the-art data iWeb data centers


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