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Solution 1

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A NAS architecture allows you to connect multiple web servers to a centralized dedicated storage server. Each web server accesses the same data, for consistent user experience and data integrity. Splitting your storage and web servers also allows you to specialize your storage server hardware (like using high disk capacity and hardware RAID), and to manage your storage and web services independently.

Solution 2

Redundant NAS

A Redundant NAS architecture adds a second, failover storage server that contains a hot copy of your data. Both servers will be configured in the same local network with a shared IP address.

If ever one of your two redundant storage servers is defective or unavailable, you and your web servers still have access to your data on the failover server.

Solution 3

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A Storage Area Network (SAN) provides a redundant array of disks that are seen as a local volume by the web or database servers that you attach to it.

Like a NAS architecture, It provides unified data. But a SAN can be even faster for I/O intensive storage and database hosting because it’s seen as a local volume.

Solution 4

High Availability (HA) Cluster

The ultimate in high availability, a HA Server Cluster contains two or ore of each service: web servers, file storage and database servers, with trafc distributed between them by a load balancer.

The load balancer ensures that trafic is sent to the functioning failover server in the event of hardware or application failure. The same is true of your web and database servers.

Solution 5

Hybrid Cloud Environments

Sometimes you want the privacy, capacity and power of a dedicated block storage server for your data storage, while flexible public cloud servers are the right choice for your application or website.

With a Hybrid Cloud solution you can link up a dedicated, private, high-capacity storage server with flexible public cloud servers in a hybrid solution. In fact there’s lots you can do with a hybrid cloud.

Solution 6

Dedicated Block Storage

Deploy a high capacity dedicated block storage server. Safe, secure and always available in our Canadian data centers. It’s a versatile and affordable storage solution, and can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Dedicated backup server for backup storage
  • High-capacity standalone dedicated server
  • Block Storage for a Hybrid Cloud solution

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